The Align-Pilates brand was founded in 2010. The popularity of machine Pilates is constantly growing, and there is no end in sight for the trend, just like what has happened in North America. Establishing a successful equipment pilates studio has been a unique opportunity in Europe, but unreasonably high equipment costs have become an obstacle to the spread of studios established outside of North America. Align-Pilates turns this obstacle into an opportunity for all studios, instructors, trainers and enthusiasts interested in equipment Pilates.

By combining production and manufacturing experience with a sister company, The Mad Group, costs have been kept under control. The Mad Group has been behind England's leading Pilates-Mad mat pilates product brand since 2001. With their extensive pilates expertise and customer experiences, Align-Pilates has been established as Europe's own equipment pilates company. Align-Pilates is pleased to present state-of-the-art Pilates equipment, which is a mix of tested and reliable traditional equipment and whose development includes improvements designed together with customers. Align-Pilates is constantly developing its equipment and listens carefully to all the experiences received from customers.

Align-Pilates - IN FINLAND

In Finland, Sweden and Norway, the Align-Pilates brand is represented by Gonsul Oy. Through us, you can get these devices with an excellent price-quality ratio delivered to the whole of Finland and to other Nordic countries as needed. Through us, you can get service and maintenance, as well as installation services, spare parts and user guidance.


When it's time to service, repair or ask for more information, you can find help from us. You can get spare parts and accessories through us. If necessary, we offer a comprehensive transport and installation service. This way you have time to focus on running your Pilates business!


When it comes to pilates equipment, it is at least justified to try the equipment yourself and find out about their functionality before making a purchase decision. Contact us and we will arrange a suitable time for you to familiarize yourself with the equipment.

Our showroom is located in Espoo. Before making a purchase decision, the best way to familiarize yourself with the devices is to try them yourself. The showroom has an A2R reformer half Cadillac installed on the end (tower), three half cadillacs attached to the wall, ladder barrel, combo/ wunda chair, and other Align-Pilates products, such as mats, resistance rings and rotation discs.

Contact us here, call 050 466 7269 (weekdays 10am-6pm) or send an e-mail to