Pilates-laitteiden desinfiointi ja puhdistus

Clearly, disinfecting people's hands and the Pilates equipment they use is key to preventing the spread of CoVid in Pilates studios. The problem is how to do this quickly and efficiently in a studio environment so that customers have confidence and no damage to equipment, individuals or the environment, and finally so that it can be done with something that is available to buy NOW!

Many cleaning products contain alcohol and other strong chemicals that can damage hardware, especially upholstery, and may not even be proven effective in killing CoVid. At Align-Pilates, we're not chemists or scientists, but we've done a little research that can help you find the right solution for disinfecting your studio and equipment and giving your clients confidence.

Disinfection of equipment and disinfection of hands - in these times the priority is disinfection, and what is needed:

Highly effective antiviral, antibacterial disinfectant Safe, quick and easy to use, easily available and affordable It should be as friendly as possible to the equipment, so ideally it should be alcohol-free, bleach-free, peroxide-free and chemical-free and neutral in pH Environmentally friendly and ideally biodegradable That's why we recommend NatraSan! You can safely and quickly disinfect studio equipment and hands with this multi-award winning eco-friendly solution, widely used in hospitals by the UK's largest independent healthcare provider.

Quick to use and effective - kills 99.9999% of harmful bacteria on contact Convenient - one product for use on hands, skin and hard surfaces Skin friendly - dermatologically tested Environmentally friendly Fully tested We have a range of NatraSan in different sizes - contact us for details.

What NOT to use: Avoid chlorine, bleach (sodium hypochlorite), alcohol, tea tree and almost all household disinfectants as they can damage your equipment.